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Shareholders have a stake in the future of KmikeyM. Voting on new proposals allows shareholders a direct influence on both new projects and the life of Mike Merrill. Each shareholder gets one vote which is multiplied by the number of shares they own. Whichever decision has the most shares by the deadline is the course of action that will be taken.

Votes using the previous Yes/No system can be seen here.

Expiring Offers

45 Days (65%)

Meeting a Stranger: What to Eat?

Lite: Espresso + Cinnamon Roll (53%)

Meeting a Stranger: Where to Meet?

3rd wave coffee so you can spend $8 for a pour over (51%)

Meeting a Stranger: Who Pays?

Let fate decide, flip a coin! (60%)

Meeting a Stranger: What to Wear?

Jeans and a t-shirt, because shorts are disrespectful (61%)

Tweeting About Kal Penn's Book Cover

i'll see you in court (53%)

November '21 Challenge

📧 Reach Out to a Stranger (36%)

Keep Doing Daily 3 Min Review

Yes (no more adding it to the monthly challenge) (76%)

What should I order for my business class dessert?

Dulce de leche ice cream (76%)

What should I order for my business class main course?

Soft polenta with grated parmesan (58%)

October Challenge

🎧 Post 3 Minute Review every day (53%)

September Challenge

🎧 Use 3 Min Review as a travel diary (64%)

August Challenge

🎧 Use 3 Min Review as a travel diary (89%)

July Challenge

💰 Record and share every purchase (33%)

Modify or Abandon 5am Wake Up Challenge

⏰ Wake up at 6:30am instead (52%)

June Challenge

⏰ Wake up at 5am (50%)

May Challenge

🗺️ Visit a new place every week (50%)

Book Club: Next Book (again)

Flash Boys (53%)

BOOK CLUB: Quit This Terrible Book

Always Quit a Bad Book (96%)

The End of Beard

Shave down to a mustache until 2nd dose (50%)

April Challenge

Meditate for 10+ minutes (72%)

Book Club II: The Next Book...

Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire (55%)

First Haircut in Over a Year

Let Kate decide, she's the professional! (60%)

Do a Month Long Challenge in March?

Yes, get 8+ hours of sleep (46%)

One Year of Beard

Maintain the beard! Cut it shorter so at least you don’t catch it when you zip up your jacket. (50%)

Include Emmy Wins In "No Tights" Exemption

Hold on, why don't we just throw away the policy and use weejee to vote on all the shows you watch? (55%)

Maintain The Beard?

Hold On: Keep It Until After Quarantine, Then Let's Decide (50%)

Drinking With Intention III

Plan Your Drinks (46%)

Drinking With Intention II

Stop Drinking (50%)

Nail Polish

Neon Orange: if you’re going to do it, then really do it (34%)

Drinking With Intention

Track What You Drink (75%)

Beard III

Keep it and vote again on your birthday (May 17th) (56%)

Beard 2.5: Grow Free or Manage/Cultivate

Get professional help (and show us before and after pics) (63%)

2020 Presidential Endorsement

Sanders (52%)

Beard II

Keep the beard, schedule a vote in one month. (57%)

Wait and Binge, or Watch Each Week?

Watch It Each Week (100%)

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Bring Norberto to the bar (56%)

Two Blazers

Get Rid of Both (84%)

Should I Keep These Pants?

Get Rid of Both (86%)

What should I drink?

Manhattan (100%)

Lunch on the beach

No Votes

Destroyer Breakfast

Organic Hen Egg (73%)

Sunday Movie

Whitmer Thomas & Pals (71%)

Berlin First Beverage

Beer, or Bier (73%)

Where should I go for lunch?

Sandwich (60%)

What coffee should I get right now?

Andino Espécial (100%)

What audiobook should I listen to next?

Beastie Boys Book by Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz (70%)

What time should I set my alarm for tomorrow?

Sleep in until 9:00a (68%)