Keep Doing Daily 3 Min Review

The last few months I've been putting out the 3 Minute Review podcast, often with Kathryn as my co-host, as close to daily as I can. This was part of the monthly challenge as we were on the road, and continued into October as I went off to Austria.

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It could keep being in the monthly challenge, but I think after three months it is likely you are telling me it's time to just make this a regular part of my life. So this is a vote to just keep on doing it until I die* (or put up a vote to stop).

This means less episodes about TV, which was the initial point of the podcast, and more of the general reviews and updates as has been the case.

UPDATE: I am removing the "until I die" part.


  • 76% Yes (no more adding it to the monthly challenge)
  • 24% No (let's get back to TV reviews!)

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  • Chris Williams [ 2 ]

    Until you die is a bit aggressive. I would try to time box this better.

  • aaronpk [ 740 ]

    "Until I die" is a bit ambitious, but I read the description and it's actually "until I put it up for a vote to cancel it" which seems much more reasonable.

  • know [ 21 ]

    Until I die is good click bait but unreasonable in practice. I’m glad that’s not actually the vote.

  • martey [ 8 ]

    While the TV reviews were interesting, they were less accessible - spoiler-averse people like myself couldn't listen if they hadn't watched the episode or show yet. Unlike Obscure Premium Cable Show S02E01, I don't feel obligated to find and consume some rare coffee-flavored soda or visit the Niagara River region of Canada in order to enjoy the more general updates.

  • gustavohsouza [ 13 ]

    Even though I had never heard them until now, I think it's high value to Mikey (avoid the zheimers) and to shareholders to know how things are going on and how we can be helpful.

    Promote it more aggressively on future shareholders communications!

  • joshb [ 663 ]

    I listen to every episode and they're easy for you to do and you should keep doing them -strikethrough-

  • joshb [ 663 ]


  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    okay, i have removed the "until i die" aspect

  • mollyrex [ 11 ]

    I miss being able to see who voted for what and how you are connected to shareholders (with cute symbols).