November '21 Challenge

Thanks to the last vote the 3 Minute Review podcast is just a regular part of my life and no longer part of the monthly challenge. So let's take a look at some ideas for challenging myself during the month of November.

🚴‍♂️ 500 Miles - So far in 2021 I've ridden 2,832 miles. Typically it's been about 300 miles a month, but it was way up in Aug and Sep while driving around North America. Now I have a new bike, so I'd like to up my miles while at home. Miles will be tracked on Strava.

📚 Five Books - I'm currently 10 books behind in my goal to read 65 books this year (I've read 44). Sadly I lost my Kindle flying back across the country, but I still want to reach my goal and I have piles and piles of unread books. This is a goal to get through five of them in November. Books will be tracked on Goodreads.

💐 Flowers - November isn't a month we usually associate with flowers, but one of the advantages of living in Los Angeles is that it's always summer here. As the days get cooler I think it's a nice way to brighten up the house on shorter days and also will be a way to get out and explore floral shops and markets around the city. Flowers will be documented with photos.

🥃 Stop Drinking - I think "Sober October" is more of a thing, but I was in Vienna in October and it was fun to drink there. While my drinking is way down from "pandemic levels" it's always good to take a break. Plus I have a favorite non-alcoholic beer and can just drink more coffee. Non-drinking will be tracked using my Every Day Calendar.

✍️ Write 1000 Words - Stephen King's writing advice is to start with 1000 words a day six days a week. My typical writing is emails, votes, and notes to myself, but I'd like to work on more structured creative writing and blog posts. This challenge would help me post more and write about experiences for the shareholders. Writing will be done in Google Docs and daily word count shared via Slack.

🧘‍♂️ Return to Sleep + Meditation Routine - When I started doing monthly challenges the first two were get 8+ hour of sleep every day and meditate at least 10 minutes every day. Both of those were successful but both those habits are no longer a daily success. This is a challenge to get back into strong sleep and meditation habits. Sleep and meditation will be tracked in iOS Health App.

📧 Reach Out to a Stranger - I was thinking how great it was to meet so many people at the talk in Vienna and wondered if I could keep up a concentrated effort to contact more people. It could be mostly reaching out to shareholders I have never met, as well as writing fan emails, and also just cold emailing people I respect. Even if mostly ignored it seems like a challenge that would result in at least a few interesting conversations. Outreach and results will be tracked in Airtable.


  • 26% 🚴‍♂️ 500 Miles
  • 21% 📚 Five Books
  • 0% 💐 Flowers
  • 0% 🥃 Stop Drinking
  • 12% ✍️ Write 1000 Words
  • 4% 🧘‍♂️ Sleep + Meditation
  • 36% 📧 Reach Out to a Stranger

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  • beau [ 326 ]

    if you ride 500 miles you don't have to have a sober month! ;P

    also get a new Kindle Oasis, you're not gonna read if you have to resort to paper!

  • martey [ 8 ]

    Lots of good choices here. I can't wait until we get ranked voting.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    yeah, the thing that mont chris was warning about finally happened! a minority choice won!


I reached out to people every day for the first half of the month, and then it was just an overwhelming amount of conversations! A pretty fantastic failure honestly.