2020 Presidential Endorsement

If the shareholders agree that I should endorse a candidate the next step will be determining which candidate should be endorsed.

I’m listing all the candidates currently running (based on this NY Times page) that I can vote for as a registered Democrat in the state of California.


  • 17% Warren
  • 1% Steyer
  • 52% Sanders
  • 9% Klobuchar
  • 19% Gabbard
  • 0% Buttigieg
  • 1% Bloomberg
  • 0% Biden

58 users voted with 3524 shares


  • Becki Grady [ 10 ]

    I’m going to abstain on this one. Not only do I not have enough expertise in this subject to advise, I also feel like this is something you should choose for yourself.

  • CyberPunk [ 5 ]

    I disagree with Becki. US politics is already for sale through indirect means such as PACs. Why not take the next obvious step and open it up to shareholders?

  • Handsome [ 20 ]

    It was close for me, but ultimately I feel like Sanders is too weak on gun control, police reform and doesn’t support over the counter abortion meds. There are places Warren falls short for me too, but only because her stance is a little more moderate, not because she didn’t support it.

  • know [ 1 ]

    It’s grandpas turn at bat.

  • jr0berts23 [ 6 ]

    Ugh, I’m super unhappy to conclude that the #OnBrand KMikeyM endorsement is Pete Buttigieg. Smartest junior municipal exec in the room? Yep.

  • joshuaberger [ 12 ]

    I recommend that whoever you end up endorsing you also make clear that the Democratic party should rally around whoever the eventual nominee is. The sole goal to remove Trump from office.

  • Marcus [ 28 ]

    Bernie is the only candidate that supports abolishing ICE. It’ll also make for a good offer of reparation for the years Mike spent as a registered Republican.

  • alexmahan [ 48 ]

    As a Social Democrat in the Nordic-esque tradition, I'm a fan of both Sanders and Warren. The rest are too conservative for me, and Biden really seems like he's in serious cognitive decline.

  • alisonjean.cole [ 2 ]

    @jr0berts23 is spot on that Pete B is most in line with the spirit of the project. But Pete B is too much of a twerp. #Bernie2020!

  • Doug [ 784 ]

    Marcus' argument convinced me, it's time we make amends

  • cdcox78 [ 2 ]

    Donald Trump is the only viable candidate. Sadly, everyone here seems bitterly opposed to that choice.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    i'm bitterly opposed to that choice

  • johnzeiger [ 2 ]


  • Zach [ 10 ]

    Bernie Sanders is the closest thing to Ace Watkins. He'll have to do.

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 6 ]

    I missed this vote, but future votes when there are multiple options I'd strongly urge using a voting method that allows us to support more than one candidate. Approval vote would be the simplest, but there are now tools out there that make Score voting pretty easy to administer.

  • Marcus [ 93 ]


    2008-era Mike would absolutely be interested in a Tom Steyer candidacy.

  • whatnot [ 2 ]

    Putting my vote (here and irl) for Warren


I am feeling the Bern.