My Official Position on Cryptocurrency

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[Pioneering] KmikeyM is a crypto advocate and believes that the tokenization of physical and digital assets will be the gateway to unlocking new microcosms of value for citizens everywhere. KmikeyM looks forward to exploring options for a working crypto solution to his own market.

[Positive] KmikeyM is a crypto enthusiast and believes cryptocurrency is an exciting new wave of financial innovation. He holds a number of positions in various projects and expects crypto investing will outperform the regular markets.

[Hopeful] KmikeyM is optimistic about crypto and enjoys collecting and holding tokens as a way to participate. He encourages people to get involved and believes the crypto “killer app” is just around the corner.

[Lucrative] KmikeyM feels like investing in cryptocurrency can be a lucrative opportunity, but does not believe crypto is a long lasting mainstream happening. KmikeyM will invest to make profit, but holds no ideological belief about the technology.

[Interested] KmikeyM is fascinated by the promise of crypto but has a wait and see approach regarding the implementation because involvement requires a high technical understanding and few safeguards. He would not advise anyone to invest more than a token amount.

[Curious] KmikeyM believes that crypto is an interesting idea, but is skeptical of mainstream adoption and wouldn’t advise participation beyond entertainment purposes.

[Negative] KmikeyM sees crypto enthusiasm as another in a long line of technical utopian dreams of Ayn Randian thinkers who will no doubt end up very rich causing great harm to society.


  • 24% Pioneering
  • 0% Positive
  • 6% Hopeful
  • 0% Lucrative
  • 57% Interested
  • 0% Curious
  • 12% Negative

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  • krickeyb [ 365 ]

    In 2008, KmikeyM pioneered publicly traded shares in a human.

    In 2019, KmikeyM pioneers the first human powered by a blockchain,.

    I vote for "Pioneering."

  • jesserifkin [ 1 ]

    The whole idea of KmikeyM is to decentralize the decision-making process of Mike's life, so it's no longer run solely through a central authority, i.e. Mike himself. The idea behind crypto is essentially the same: decentralizing economic and financial aspects, so it's no longer just in control of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Mint, etc.

    So I vote that he should be "hopeful" but not TOO optimistic, since the price of Bitcoin at least has fallen by half since I invested a small amount in December 2017. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Keep your eyes on the stars, but your feet on the ground."