New Glasses

I've been wearing these Tom Ford glasses since at least 2013, maybe longer? It's hard to remember.

I went to the optometrist and I have a new prescription. Should I get a new pair of Tom Ford glasses? Should I change it up? Should I just get a bunch of glasses and have fun?

I kind of like these red ones:

Mike, with red glasses


  • 19% Stick w/ Tom Fords
  • 31% Get a Few Pair, Glasses Are Fun
  • 77% Let Us Vote on Each Pair

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  • pat [ 118 ]

    I bought two pair of glasses for the kiddo for like $50 total online because they kept losing them. So, let’s buy you some cheap glasses.

  • abodens3 [ 49 ]

    Whoa now, how is Lasik or PRK not an option here?

  • Handsome [ 20 ]

    I bought half a dozen different glasses on, loved trying them all on and switching between them. It’s good to have a variety, even though lately I’ve just been wearing my favorite pair. If you order from abroad you don’t need a current script, just need to know your pupil distance. Optometrists I’m america won’t put it on your script unless you ask because they want you to buy glasses from them.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    ha ha, i did kind of expect the "vote on each pair" to win, but I was hoping to just by some glasses real quick...