Maintain The Beard?

We've had a number of beard votes now, and while we started this facial hair experiment before the time of corona, I think the beard fits with the wild hair of a stay-at-home computer loving publicly traded person. Also, it has grown in rather nicely! I'm still tentative when I groom it with my new electric shears, but I'm gaining confidence.

So this is a proposal to keep the beard, and while we can still have votes on appearance and facial hair it's a shift from a default position of clean shaven to one of bearded. I highly encourage a yes vote. I like the beard, Kathryn likes the beard, and later this year I hope to pitch a TV show about growing up in Alaska and I feel like the beard will help with that.


  • 12% Keep It: Let's Make Beard The New Standard!
  • 38% Shave It: Return to Your Natural Baby Face
  • 0% Shave Some of It: Mustache City, Population - Mike
  • 50% Hold On: Keep It Until After Quarantine, Then Let's Decide
  • 0% Not Enough Options, Let's Vote Again With More Choices

43 users voted with 3477 shares


  • maxwellhunter [ 10 ]

    I had to shave for a job interview today

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    I am sorry!

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 7 ]

    I would like to again make a proposal to improve the shareholder voting method, changing it away from plurality voting (so we can vote for multiple proposals). I would gladly work up a presentation for the shareholders, but in the meantime I recommend checking out either or for information an alternate voting methods.

  • [ 1 ]

    Maintenance is not very ambitious. The beard should be much larger.

  • Becki Grady [ 19 ]

    I like it! Keep it.

  • alexmahan [ 48 ]

    Shaving is cool, I did it this week and it felt great. Voting to shave.

  • vbstope [ 6 ]

    It's looking a bit wild. I'm pro.

  • vbstope [ 6 ]

    Making another person shave is a crime against humanity.

  • krickeyb [ 388 ]

    Looking great, but I think could use some clean up to keep it one length.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    i agree, i need be more brave with my cleanup


Wow, it's August now and I still have a beard. I'm getting pretty used to it.