Rescind Social Media Strategy

Due to shareholder activism this is a vote to rescind our current social media strategy of "Dark Mode."

In April of 2022 the shareholders approved going private with 54% approval but with many shareholders expressing reservations about all the options listed as being pretty drastic.

In response to shareholder sentiment raised during the summit this is a vote to exit private mode and have open social media accounts.


  • 70% Exit Dark Mode: open all accounts
  • 30% Remain Closed: social media still sucks

51 users voted with 4894 shares


  • alexmahan [ 63 ]

    Is there any way you could do a "post only" strategy where you don't follow anybody but you just post? That way you could potentially avoid some of the pitfalls of social media (constantly checking/engaging/scrolling/etc) but still have some of the benefits of having a public social media presence.

  • westonwestenborg [ 81 ]

    I think post only seems good. But I definitely think being 'out there' is a key part of driving shareholder value.

  • krickeyb [ 385 ]

    In the previous vote I called out the lack of a status quo option which is what I supported. Voting to exit dark mode.

  • stephenu [ 521 ]

    Voting for a change after reading up on the hostile takeover. I'm willing to see what the guy with experience is bringing to the table.

    Also... rising tides and boats, etc.

  • joshuaberger [ 12 ]

    I advise to put a limit on the amount of time you spend on social media. It is not a healthy place, generally speaking. I think it's fine to be out there publicly, but it is important that you are acting with intention.

  • Nick Mershon [ 53 ]

    Money follows attention. Get out there. Have an opinion on things. And let's grow this community of capitalism.

  • jona [ 494 ]



I am no longer private on social media.