Meeting a Stranger: What to Wear?

On Monday I'm meeting someone for the first time. They are a shareholder and probably have certain expectations of me. As much as I want to respect that I'm also trying to be more myself and not represent KmikeyM as a caricature. So what should wear?

*My "Theseus jeans" are a pair of jeans I've been repairing for many, many years. When I moved to LA I was going to throw them away and Kathryn encouraged me to get them repaired. And repaired. And repaired. They are what I have worn on stage the last two times I've given talks and feel comfortable, but I like to dress them up with a Brooks Brothers dress shirt.


  • 6% Shorts and t-shirt, because it's Los Angeles
  • 61% Jeans and a t-shirt, because shorts are disrespectful
  • 29% Non-denim pants, and a button down shirt
  • 3% Non-denim pants, shirt and tie
  • 1% "Theseus jeans" and a button down*

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I wore jeans a t-shirt, it was very appropriate for what he was wearing and also the coffee shop.