Can Mike Play In the Cash Tournament With Shares?

In the shareholder poker tournament everyone puts in $20 and then first, second, and third win some money. Mike would like to enter the tournament using shares (based on the fair market value™, rounded up, so tonight that would be five shares).

So whoever took first place would win slightly less cash than usual but get all the shares. If Mike wins any cash he will be required to use that money buying back as many shares as he can from the market (thus raising the stock price, and everyone's net worth).


  • 31% Yes
  • 69% No

22 users voted with 1571 shares


  • calvin [ 11 ]

    no way!!

  • pat [ 118 ]

    If you don't have money to play, you should't. Having shareholders do this is absurd.

    Are your winnings going back to the company?

  • pat [ 118 ]

    I guess, if we all get to vote on every single one of your hands?

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    yeah, anything i win is a share buyback, which raises the overall value of the entire enterprise!

  • Drew Anderson [ 5 ]

    I think it encourages more activity with the shares, therefore, increasing the overall value of shares.

  • Lewd [ 124 ]

    100% yes

  • vbstope [ 6 ]

    I'm not playing so I have no problem with this

  • vbstope [ 6 ]

    @mike.. you hold 0 shares?

  • burke [ 373 ]

    Dilutes shareholder value for no value apart from entertainment.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    But it only dilutes shareholder value if I lose a lot (which, to be fair, I do)

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    Think of it like staking me in a poker game... collectively.

  • know [ 21 ]

    Genius move.


i mean, this is easy to do. i will just keep betting with money.