Beard III

We're a week past due for a beard vote and I'm going to play the coronavirus. Last week I was feeling pretty anxious and depressed and it took me a few days to realize that. I'm not really that in touch with my own feelings, so sadness usually manifests as being tired for me.

Anyway, let's get into this next beard vote. Here is a photo of me where I look stoned but I am not. It's just the evening light of Los Angeles casting a ruddy glow. As always to see the latest pics you can go to my alt Instagram account where I post a selfie each day: @theK5M

Let's figure out what to do next...


  • 37% Shave it, to keep the germs away
  • 56% Keep it and vote again on your birthday (May 17th)
  • 2% Keep it until the crisis is over, then vote again
  • 5% Keep for all of 2020 and then we'll vote again

37 users voted with 3254 shares


  • joshb [ 663 ]

    Who is this bearded man

  • maxwellhunter [ 10 ]

    I'm on team apocalypse beard

  • krickeyb [ 365 ]

    Looking good!

  • Becki Grady [ 10 ]

    I like it!

  • helldesigner [ 5 ]

    Grow it!

  • kyle kiang [ 22 ]

    will shareholders be able to discuss this on the Zoom call?

  • thegreatjared [ 50 ]

    Tried to split the "keep it" votes 3 ways but it's not going to work!


Beard is being kept, occasionally trimmed, and we will re-vote on May 17th. Follow for daily beard updates.