Two Blazers

A classic Goldilocks situation here. The checkered blazer is slightly too big and the velvet blazer is slightly too small.

The checkered blazer is from Brooks Brothers and I fell in love with it years ago, but couldn't justify the cost for something that is, let's be honest, pretty garish. Apparently I wasn't the only one that thought so and was able to pick it up on clearance sale. It was only made in a very boxy style so I then brought it in to get tailored and it's still a bit on the big side. I have worn this only once since moving to Los Angeles, when I MC'd the holiday party at my former employer and created a holiday quiz show. It's the perfect jacket for a quiz show host, but otherwise I'm not sure I need to hang on to it. And as I mentioned, it's a little too big for me.

The blue velvet blazer I love, even though I typically only wear it to year end holiday parties. But it's a bit snug and I can't quite button the bottom button and be comfortable. So while I like it, I don't really wear it anymore. So why am I keeping it? I don't currently have a decent "evening" jacket alternative. But is that a reason to keep it?


  • 3% Keep Both
  • 84% Get Rid of Both
  • 0% Keep Checkered, Get Rid of Velvet
  • 13% Keep Velvet, Get Rid of Checkered

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  • Handsome [ 20 ]

    I really like both blazers, but without seeing how they fit on you it’s hard to decide. If your size fluctuates a bit like mine then it doesn’t hurt to have blazers for before and after winter holiday. If you already have a number of good blazers that fit well I’d get rid of both though.

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 6 ]

    Do you anticipate hosting any quiz shows in the next, say, three years?

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 6 ]

    Do you anticipate losing an inch or two off your waist (in the next three years) that would make the blue blazer comfortable to wear?

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    Anticipate? Sadly no. But I'm an optimist... :)

  • Marcus [ 98 ]

    Anything that doesn’t fit perfectly has to go.

  • beau [ 201 ]

    getting rid of the blue blazer will motivate you to find a new one with a better fit ?

  • curt [ 100 ]

    "... I can't quite button the bottom button..."

    You're not supposed to button the bottom button anyway, right?


they have been taken to goodwill!