Should I Keep These Pants?

This is a part of a series of votes to clean out my wardrobe. Using the "does it spark joy" method I'll write up some notes on my feelings and then let the shareholders decide if I should keep them or get rid of them.

First up is two pair of pants I rarely wear:

The Nantucket Reds are "casual pants" from Brooks Brothers. They were purchased for me by an ex-girlfriend's mother and I have not worn them in months. They look good with my Sperry's boat shoes but they feel a bit loud and they are tight in the waist. Do they spark joy? No, I don't really care about these pants.

The Chess Pants are in the classic trad style of "go to hell" pants and are also from Brooks Brothers. I love these pants. I bought them when we first started Chroma and I think of them as my "game designer" pants. But I haven't worn them in over two years. They are the pants version of an old favorite t-shirt. I would not miss them if they disappeared, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them. Do they spark joy? No, but they spark sadness when I think about getting ride of them.


  • 0% Keep Both
  • 86% Get Rid of Both
  • 5% Keep Reds, Get Rid of Chess Pants
  • 9% Keep Chess Pants, Get Rid of Reds

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  • aaronpk [ 39 ]

    The red ones are great tho!

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    They are, but I feel like they fit a previous version of me? Glad I'm not making this decision because it's difficult.

  • aaronpk [ 39 ]

    who are all the people voting for the chess pants?? they are terrible get rid of them!

  • Marcus [ 98 ]

    I concur with Aaron. I’d like to see you make the red pants work but it’s clear you’re not feeling them so out they go.

    I think one key to dressing well is having a tight selection of things that you love and that all sort of fit together so coordination doesn’t take much effort.

  • know [ 1 ]

    You know how I feel about things that have no purpose. I would also like to amend that you donate / give them to someone who love them.

  • jesserifkin [ 1 ]

    They take up virtually no space, one would spark sadness if you got rid of them, and the other you might your change your mind about -- who knows? No harm in keeping them in the back of a closet.


Took pants to Goodwill.