August Challenge

In August I'll be driving across the country to Canada, so I'll be limited in what I can try to challenge myself with. So here is a shorter than usual set of options.


  • 0% 🚫 No challenge this month
  • 8% 💪 100 pushups every day
  • 0% 🤳 Post to instagram every day
  • 89% 🎧 Use 3 Min Review as a travel diary
  • 3% 📚 Read five books
  • 0% 🙅‍♂️ No tracking ANYTHING for a month
  • 0% 💰 Spend less than last month (record every purchase again)

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  • know [ 21 ]

    Everything always changes. Keep the 3 minute rule though.

  • Zach [ 35 ]

    I like the 3 minute review. Physical health will cascade to success elsewhere though. Don't forget the fundamentals. I'm still an advocate for journaling when you want to.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    Always journaling! I love it. I have a notebook I write in almost everyday, plus I send emails out pretty much every day to the shareholders in some form or another.

  • Dave Smith [ 1 ]

    A&W in Canada is like what A&W was in the 1970s US. I say you should give one a shot at least for a root beer float.


i only missed seven days!