Shave Beard For Interview?

A producer for NasDaily, the content studio of Nuseir Yassin, reached out about doing a video about KmikeyM. They do short videos like The Secret King of Wikipedia! and The Man Who Eats Feathers and they get over a million views on social media.

Should I shave my beard for this? Videos last a long time and maybe it makes more sense to appear more like I have traditionally than my current bearded guru look? On the other hand, maybe the moment of bearded Mike should be captured for all time?

(I can shave my beard myself, but I'll still have kind of long hair...)

Oh, and I should mention that Kathryn has grown attached to the beard, especially after the shareholders approved I trim it. So if this doesn't pass I can still clean it up a bit.


  • 48% Yes
  • 52% No

31 users voted with 2631 shares


  • Lewd [ 144 ]

    What about just a trim?

  • virtualferguson [ 4 ]

    Yes, videos last a long time, but this one artifact of many chronicling your life. If you wouldn't shave it otherwise, I'd leave it.

  • Becki Grady [ 25 ]

    I vote for a nice, professional, trim and shaping.

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    if it goes "no" i'll do a little trim myself. i'm getting better at it and the last vote approved keeping it neat and tidy.

  • jessemalmed [ 5 ]

    I’m gonna offer that you shave it off during the interview.

  • krickeyb [ 385 ]

    Beard would make a great talking point for the power of voting in your life.

  • vbstope [ 6 ]

    I want full Mikey. All gas no brake. Cultivate wilderness. No edits, no shave.

  • Cornelius [ 4 ]

    The beard makes you look like Worzel Gummidge. (Google is your friend with this obscure reference). The Worzel Gummidge-look is bad for the share price.

    I also like Jesse’s idea to shave it off during the video.

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    Worzel Gummidge?!! I was hoping this was my slow descent into late stage Stafford Beer...


I did not shave my beard.