Drinking With Intention III

It's been two weeks of not drinking after two weeks of tracking what I drink.

I did not enjoy total abstinence. While a few nights without drinking is fine, occasionally I wanted a whiskey, or a beer during a poker game, or a glass fo wine while watching a movie. So I'm changing the options a bit:

  1. Drink Less, Try More Cannabis The weed gummies are fine, but tend to be a pretty solo experience and that is hard. But maybe if I tried it a bit more, and could drink on occasion it could work.

  2. Track What You Drink Just keep tracking. Tracking and reporting to shareholders helps you be cautious of over drinking, which is more the point.

  3. Research What You Drink Tracking is good, but there is opportunity here... Keep tracking, but do some homework and learn about what you’re consuming. Learn about the types of wine and the regions and the winemakers and develop your taste and understanding of what you drink.

  4. Plan Your Drinks Yes, track, and do a your research too, but also, push yourself! Turn the act of drinking into an activity. Embrace cocktails and learn to mix and match ingredients or plan a wine “tour” of a specific region or type. Plan out what you are going to drink and share all this with the shareholders, even if you end up getting drunk on the live cam.

  5. Intermittent Drinking You quit for two weeks and that was great, but let's not go crazy. Just make sure you have days of non-drinking in between days of drinking.

  6. Drink More Often On the other hand, everything is a shit show and it's nice to get a little tanked. Let's dive in and enjoy ourselves.

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  • 0% Drink Less, Try More Cannabis
  • 15% Track What You Drink
  • 7% Research What You Drink
  • 46% Plan Your Drinks
  • 32% Intermittent Drinking
  • 0% Drink More Often

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I did buy some alcohol and mixers and learned to make a pretty good manhattan but overall this did not work out. Planning my drinking is not easy during the pandemic. It's easier to stop drinking!