Include Emmy Wins In "No Tights" Exemption

In 2017 the "No More Tights" policy was passed, which forbids the watching of movies and television shows that are based on Marvel or DC properties. The only allowance granted is for films which win an academy award. This policy was reinforced in a 2019 failed attempt to rescind the policy, and so since 2017 the only superhero film or television show I have watched is Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, which was allowed with a special exemption.

This year the HBO series Watchmen has seven Emmy nominations and as a correction to the original vote this proposal would expand the the list of exceptions to include Emmy wins in addition to academy awards.


  • 2% Yes, update the policy to allow for TV shows that win an Emmy Award
  • 10% No, television is a brain rotting medium, and not even an Emmy can fix that
  • 34% No, don't change the policy, but make an exception for the Watchmen, it's amazing
  • 55% Hold on, why don't we just throw away the policy and use weejee to vote on all the shows you watch?

34 users voted with 1873 shares


  • beau [ 227 ]

    love the last option, more votes = more engagement = more benefitting from the collective wisdom of the shareholders

  • [ 1 ]

    Yes to more votes. Blanket ban on the whole superhero genre is hamfisted.

  • know [ 21 ]

    Watch the supes!!!!!

  • ceccawrobel [ 4 ]

    I don’t know if Watchman is much more worthy than TV generally, but it is good, and I do think you should let yourself watch it! I didn’t vote on Option 4 (for voting always) only because that seems sort of tedious, and rules are convenient.

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 27 ]

    Does the rule include Emmys and Oscars in technical categories?

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 27 ]

    Ah, never mind, I went back and read the original policy.

  • Becki Grady [ 25 ]

    I will say I am glad the original policy applied to Marvel and DC only. Imagine if you had to cut out ALL movies and shows where characters wear tights! No more Darth Vader, no Troi from Star Trek, no "The Boys" at all! And I agree with @ceccawrobel. I also did not vote for option four because, you know, time and such.


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