BOOK CLUB: Quit This Terrible Book

This book we're reading sucks. I hate it. I know some of you also hate it. We should stop reading it, right?

This book is like The Secret mixed with a love of business. It feels like she is just wishing everything is better and telling everyone we can just be better and we will still make all the money. Ugh, even trying to talk about how bad this book is makes me mad.

My preliminary twitter poll was 64.5% "throw it in the trash"


  • 96% Always Quit a Bad Book
  • 4% Just Finish It! It's a book club you baby!

19 users voted with 1577 shares


  • nicolai [ 10 ]

    There are too many good books and time is finite. Close that book

  • Becki Grady [ 25 ]

    Oh, thank God! This was a horrible book.

  • beau [ 289 ]

    feeling vindicated for not having started it yet ;P

  • whatscene [ 4 ]

    Still very early on. but i don't know how you mention BlackRock owning all those companies without mentioning that it might be in their best interest to have all companies contributing to nicer market conditions for one another. Shoutout Matt Levine

  • jefferson [ 68 ]

    You should read Kill Shot by Jason Dearen


i tore my book in half and put it in the recycling bin ♻️