Drinking With Intention II

It's been two weeks of tracking what I drink and I posted the results here.

Now what?

  1. Drink Less, Try More Cannabis I bought some weed gummies and tried that one night. It was fine, but I kept it super light. Still need to figure out my dosage. Maybe I should use the last two weeks as my average and try to get under that amount while using weed products.

  2. Track What You Drink This is working, right? Just keep tracking and we'll talk again in two weeks.

  3. Research and Share What You Drink Tracking is good, but kind of boring for the shareholders. Keep tracking, but do your homework and learn about what you’re consuming. Learn about the kinds of wine and the regions and the winemakers and develop your ability to taste and understand what you drink. And then share that information.

  4. Put More Thought Into What You Drink (cocktails!) Yes, track, and do a little research, but also, push yourself! Turn the act of drinking into an activity. Embrace cocktails and learn to mix and match ingredients or plan a wine “tour” of a specific region or type. Share all this with the shareholders, even if you end up getting drunk on the live cam.

  5. Stop Drinking You quit for three days, and alcohol is poison! Stop drinking for two weeks and see how you feel!

  6. Drink More Often On the other hand, everything is a shit show and it's nice to get a little buzzed. Maybe you can use the last two weeks to better guide how to drink. Have a drink every night, just don't get tanked.


  • 8% Drink Less, Try More Cannabis
  • 22% Track What You Drink
  • 0% Research and Share What You Drink
  • 15% Put More Thought Into What You Drink
  • 50% Stop Drinking
  • 5% Drink More Often

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  • CyberPunk [ 5 ]

    As a shareholder, it makes me feel better about myself when someone who I invest in has the same poor habits as me. I say continue with gusto, while tracking your efforts.

  • alexmalinovich [ 117 ]

    I don't love any of these options honestly. Yes, you should drink less. And yes, you should experiment more with cannabis (if you're not well familiarized with it yet). But those two things should NOT be linked. If you're weaning yourself off of alcohol with weed you may as well just skip the middle man and go straight to a (virtual) AA meeting.

    My rule since getting off my 2.5 year binge is to only drink with "purpose". That can be social, it can be because having a glass of wine while I cook is fun, it can be because watching an old movie about men in fedoras drinking booze and smoking like chimneys makes me want to join in on the booze, or anything else that I can legitimize as "purpose".

    But, "I just need a drink" is not a purpose, it's a problem.

  • alexmahan [ 48 ]

    Going to go with stop for two weeks and see how you feel! I don't think that necessarily includes other substances like cannabis, but your body will probably be happy with no alcohol for 2 weeks and maybe you'll come to rely on it less and see it more as an occasional treat than something you intake multiple units of per night.

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    I think tracking is serving a purpose very similar to drinking with purpose, as it makes me accountable for every drink. Knowing I am going to share it slows me down.


I didn't drink, but I hated it.