Modify or Abandon 5am Wake Up Challenge

The monthly challenge for June was to wake up at 5am. It's killing me.

I've done it 8/15 mornings so far and while I respect a difficult challenge it's reduced my overall sleep to an unhealthy level. I'm grumpy, tired, and less productive... i hate it and I want to quit.

But there are other options and so I come to the shareholders asking for a modification...

Update: A few people have asked the difference between giving up and waking up naturally. Giving up is to completely abandon the monthly challenge. Waking up naturally is to respect the body's natural inclination to wake at a certain time and then get out of bed and start the day. Essentially it's a less lazy version of giving up and an attempt to establish some sort of "natural" wake up time.


  • 1% 💀 Keep Trying, the month isn't over
  • 52% ⏰ Wake up at 6:30am instead
  • 47% 🌅 Wake up naturally, don't use an alarm
  • 0% 🚫 Give Up, it's not worth it

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  • pat [ 118 ]

    I gotta say, I stopped using an alarm years ago and it's the One True Way. Let your beautiful body be your guide.

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    it's true, my body is beautiful

  • justdorkin [ 23 ]

    Id it is not sustainable or beneficial then don't do it

  • jesserifkin [ 21 ]

    The important thing isn't what exact time you get up, it's whether you get enough sleep and whether you're productive enough during your waking hours -- whenever they happen to be.

  • know [ 21 ]

    You know how I feel about it.

  • gustavohsouza [ 13 ]

    Can you share with us why you're not getting healthy amounts of sleep? I also changed my sleep schedule to sleep earlier and it only worked out after I started using Beeminder to not allow me to use my phone/computer after the time I should be in bed.

  • gustavohsouza [ 13 ]

    btw: what's the difference between giving up and waking up naturally?

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 27 ]

    What time are you trying to be in bed by? Are you getting in bed and turning off lights/phones/etc. by 10pm?

  • vbstope [ 6 ]

    I'm up at 5 almost every day. Ping me for solidarity if desired. Pro tip: 2pm naps.

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    Kathryn is working so our time together is after she is off work until I go to bed, which means I tend to stay up late. I have tried taking naps and am big fan. I set my watch to alert me at 9pm to start my "sleep routine" but that is SO EARLY for Kathryn and it feels weird to abandon her and go to bed.

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 27 ]

    It appears the partner routine wasn't taken into consideration in the first vote! Mega-error.

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    it's true, she was pretty mad at Josh when the vote went from trending to flowers to getting up at 5am

  • joshb [ 674 ]

    Mike, you (with Kathryn) should be required to do a 3-minute review of waking up at 5 am before being allowed to abandon the challenge.

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    that's a good idea, I'm in for the review.


it was MUCH easier to wake up at 6:30am than 5:30am