Meeting a Stranger: What to Eat?

On Monday I'm meeting someone for the first time. Since I now know where I'm going I thought I'd also let you choose what I order. (please pick coffee!)

Details on food menu here.


  • 11% Extravagant: Brazilian Waffle De Queijo + Matida
  • 36% Regular: Croissant + Drip Coffee
  • 53% Lite: Espresso + Cinnamon Roll

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  • aaronpk [ 702 ]

    I am confused about how espresso + cinnamon roll counts as "lite"

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 27 ]

    Are you deciding who pays AFTER you order or before?

  • beau [ 326 ]

    I am fiending for a croissant and want to live vicariously through you


I ordered an espresso and sadly they were out of most pastries, so I got a ham and cheese croissant. It was delicious.