Holiday Party vs. Pandemic

As part of my crypto explorations I bought $FWB tokens and they are having a holiday party in Los Angeles tomorrow . There are over 50 people who have RSVP'd and it seems like the wrong time (Omicron variant!) to hang out with a bunch of strangers.

Even with the requirements of everyone showing proof of vaccination (and I am vaccinated and boosted) I still have a feeling this isn't the time of year for gatherings with strangers. But maybe I'm using my pandemic paranoia to cover my social anxiety?


  • 96% 🦠 do not go, now isn't the time
  • 4% 🕺 i'm sure it's fine...

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  • Dave Smith [ 1 ]

    I wouldn't go, but I'm a weirdo who is still avoiding crowds of strangers. Even large crowds of friends, I avoid.

  • ceccawrobel [ 4 ]
  • beau [ 326 ]

    I was considering a concert in LA tonight as well and omicron is just too real a threat at this point… annoying but I’m staying home

  • ConnorM [ 12 ]

    every other person in NYC seems to have it right now. definitely not the time

  • burke [ 408 ]

    Be safe and be a good example of being safe.

  • wUZoRD [ 8 ]

    I'm reporting live from a coffin like hotel room in Manhattan where I've been quarantining since Tuesday after going to a holiday party on Saturday where almost all attendees got covid. Every friend I have in NYC with the exception of ONE got covid last weekend all from going to holiday parties. That one person had to hang out with his girlfriend's parents all weekend. Skip the holiday party this year, it's cursed!!

  • realestatewithnick [ 30 ]

    Not sure what the concern is right now. COVID is real and will always be a threat. Nobody makes it out of life alive. Better to live freely than in fear. I understand that's not a popular or a majority opinion here, but if I'm not going to let the being "safe" or "helping" narrative wander into my life. If you're afraid then stay home. Wide open here in FL and we're all functioning great.

  • Doug [ 1024 ]

    Here's an article on another crypto party, now you can say you went. Or not need to hide the shame.

  • adamlisagor [ 100 ]

    I’m a long time $FWB holder and I would go with you but I voted no, not that I wouldn’t like to hang out with you.

  • oskar [ 60 ]

    While I think it would increase shareholder value for you to meet people and network w/e – your health is most important. Hope you're having a good holiday :) stay safe!

  • michael [ 1 ]

    After over a year of high precautions and half a year of significant restrictions, I finally decided that it's as safe as it's going to get and flew to Dallas for a live event. Omicron is less dangerous but more transmissible than Delta, the vaccines (I have 3) make it so we won't die and probably won't get severely ill, and Pfizer now has a pill which helps you recover faster. Thus, my choice is that I'm going back out to events.

    Ordinarily, I'd say that you should make your own decisions... but I'm a shareholder, so I vote yes.

  • calvin [ 11 ]

    I would say totally go, but I forgot about COVID.

  • cdcox78 [ 2 ]

    I’m sure it’s fine. Covid is just a scare tactic. I always enjoy a fun party!


SKIPPED IT! Thanks for validating my feelings on this everyone.