First Haircut in Over a Year

I scheduled my first haircut in over a year for tomorrow!

This is by far the longest my hair has ever been and I'm tempted to keep growing it out. But while I have a beard I feel like some aspect of my head needs to be neat and tidy. So if I'm going to keep the beard I should cut a bunch of hair off. But if I'm going to drop the beard maybe I should just let it grow?

I'm excited to see Kate again who has been cutting my hair since I moved to Los Angeles. She was one of the last people I hugged before the pandemic really started. Maybe she will just have some intuitive sense of what to do?


  • 6% Just clean it up a bit, but keep growing it out
  • 34% Short and neat! Chop it all off!
  • 60% Let Kate decide, she's the professional!

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  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    I hair is very grey... should I dye it?

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    can't edit comments, but i meant "my hair" not "i hair"

  • beau [ 289 ]

    no dye!

  • Becki Grady [ 25 ]

    I agree, no dye. But a nice distinguished style would offset the beard nicely.


Got a great cut. Thanks Kate!