Beard 2.5: Grow Free or Manage/Cultivate

I've never grown a beard before, and now whenever I drink water I think there is a bug in my glass until I realize it's just the long hairs of my mustache. Also, sauce gets stuck in there now. The lower neck beard part is growing thick while the sides are still a bit patchy. I bought a beard brush and I pet it twice a day like taking care of a horse.

Overall I like the roguish look of it, but maybe it is time to bring in some help. I'm open to just "free growing" the beard until the next vote (March 19th) but I'd like to go to a professional and get some grooming done. If I was growing my hair out I'd go to a barber, and there are plenty of places in LA that will groom a beard.


  • 37% Don't Touch It! Free growth until the next vote
  • 63% Get professional help (and show us before and after pics)

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  • beau [ 201 ]

    I think for the next beard/no beard vote to be accurate you'll need to present a groomed beard to the voters, and for that reason I'm voting for some cleanup.

  • krickeyb [ 365 ]

    I agree with beau that this will greatly help future votes and set a baseline for wildman vs. profesh looks.

    As someone who has done both in the past, going full wildman your first time does not leave great beard habits and feelings.

  • CyberPunk [ 5 ]

    Wildman is the only option. It demands respect and shows you are the loosest unit in the room. Most of all, it sends the same message as wearing a t-shirt and shorts into a business meeting: Either you're the one paying the bills, or you are a terrifying individual and should be appeased at all costs.

  • Zach [ 10 ]

    You got yourself into this mess, so it's only justified you suffer the consequences of your actions. Makes for a better story when people ask about your beard, which inevitably happens to people with beards. As a shareholder, I believe those conversations will be more valuable than any looks of admonishment you may otherwise receive from proper grooming.


I got a great professional beard trim right before coronavirus got scary. Now I have to learn to maintain it myself.