❌ Remote Control (cancelled)

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This project has been cancelled

Watch Mike is an experiment in direct control of Mike's television watching.

See a log of television watching here.

Recommend new shows to watch here.

Here is a schedule of what I will try to watch and this is the podcast where I talk about the shows.

(normally on weejee a green check means "successfully completed" and a red x means "failed to complete" but with TV shows I'm changing it to reflect the votes. so a green check means I will be watching, and a red x means I won't be watching.)

Couples Therapy

Yes (100%)

Money, Explained

Yes (98%)


Yes (100%)

The Circus (Showtime)

Yes (97%)

The Crown (season 4)

No (87%)

The Expanse (season 5)

Yes (84%)


Yes (100%)

Queen's Gambit

Yes (95%)

Utopia (UK)

Yes (97%)

The Bureau

Yes (88%)

The Mandalorian Season 2

Yes (85%)

How To with John Wilson

Anything Nathan Fielder is involved with is a yes (80%)

Fargo (season 1)

Yes (99%)

Lovecraft Country

Yes (62%)

The Oath

No (97%)

2020 World Series

No (63%)

Emily in Paris

No (93%)

Last Week Tonight

Yes (97%)


Yes (98%)


Yes (85%)

Watch the Sep 29th, 2020 Presidential Debate?

Yes, it's your patriotic duty (58%)


Yes (91%)

Limitless Rewatch

No, this is garbage. (74%)

Corporate Season 3

Yes (100%)