Couples Therapy

This seems like a fun show to watch with Kathryn.

"Hope and heartache comes to light in the acclaimed docu-series COUPLES THERAPY. Distinguished clinical psychologist Dr. Orna Guralnik combines empathy with insight to guide a new group of couples facing a diverse set of issues. Together they take on the difficult challenge of confronting their deepest individual fears and talk candidly about what has brought them to these crossroads – and where to go from here."

I mean, if nothing else the 3 Minute Review podcast will be good!

Thanks to the shareholder who recommended this!


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  • martey [ 8 ]

    Does Kathryn want to watch this show?

  • Mike Merrill [ 0 ]

    she indicated yes when i mentioned it, but at first i think she thought I was suggested we go TO couples therapy

  • Mont Christopher Hubbard [ 27 ]

    My brother is the executive producer/co-creator of this show. So I’m biased. But it’s really good.


this show is very, very good. we actually started with season 2 and then went back and watched season 1