Watch the Sep 29th, 2020 Presidential Debate?

I am planning on watching the presidential debate tomorrow, even though I know I will find it maddening and probably end up drinking too much and then falling asleep on the couch and having nightmares about the end times.

But even live TV should be “remote controlled” so I’m asking you if I should watch it...


  • 58% Yes, it's your patriotic duty
  • 27% Yes, but stop watching if you feel bad
  • 15% No, this kind of political theater is a waste of time
  • 0% No, but to seem informed you should lie and say you did

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  • Lewd [ 134 ]

    I vote yes...and then we can vent about it during poker.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    good point

  • virtualferguson [ 4 ]

    Hard, had no. What purpose would it serve? You aren't undecided, right?

    If you're already disinclined to watch it for self care/anxiety/mental health reasons, you should definitely follow that instinct. Nobody is obligated to watch it, and if you want you can catch the highlights/lowlights from the internet the next morning.

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    No one thinks I should lie


Oh man, I watched it. And I got pretty drunk and then played poker and did well. I play tight when I play cards, so being drunk helped.

But what an insane thing to watch. I mostly avoided being angry by keeping an "emotional distance" but it was horrifying.