Beforeigners is a Norwegian six-part TV series that premiered on 21 August 2019. It is the first Norwegian-language series produced by HBO Europe.

This show was recommended by a shareholder! I don't know much about it.

It's a show where Vikings from the 19th century suddenly show up in the present day. They are called "time migrants."

Oh, and I just saw that it was created by the team that made Lilyhammer which was "the first time Netflix offered exclusive content" back in 2012.

This seems great, and it's only six episodes.


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  • joshb [ 675 ]

    This seems cool, plus it’s short!

  • beau [ 228 ]

    you should definitely watch this and let me know how it is... i couldn’t get caryn interested in the trailer

  • Drew Anderson [ 33 ]

    This show is a gem!