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Publicly Traded, Privately Held is the world's first crowdsourced ghostwritten erotic autobiographical fan fiction. You might be asking, "what does that mean?" Good question. And we're not sure. I say "we" not in the sense of the royal we, but because this involves a lot of people. A ghostwriter, a gaggle of supporters, and me. We are working on what is, essentially, a Choose Your Own Adventure about a fictional version of me who loves sex and business… And the conflicts that arise from those warring appetites.

And why? That is also a good question, and one I have been asking myself over and over. For the last 10 years, I’ve been not only a slave to my shareholders, but also a slave to monogamy. The highlight of the KmikeyM project was when I turned over control of my romantic life to the people who own me. Now that I’m single again, I thought it would be fun to explore explicit sexuality through a fantasy version of myself, and allow you all to do the same through this character.

Because this is fiction, we can get weird. Together.

Part 1: The House is on Fire

Part 2: The Ride Back to Hollywood

Part 3: Making Choices Together

Part 4: Leaving Los Angeles

Part 5: The Eyes

Part 6: Omega (coming soon)

5: Max thinks about business

Fake his own death in the chaos and collect insurance money (62%)

5: What is going on at the 'Compound'?

just the modest home of 'Omega', who lives alone. (62%)

5: What attacked "the eyes"

We just don't know yet... (62%)

5: Who Dies Next?

Chris (the driver) (68%)

4: Bring in some real villains

No, this is a bad idea (99%)

4: Push into a new genre?

True Crime (98%)

3: Who do they speak with on the journey?

Max’s college girlfriend Sophie, now a lawyer (80%)

3: Where is the sex cult located?

Roswell, New Mexico (100%)

2: Where should Max, Jessica, and Roger live right now?

plit up and couch surf separately (81%)

2: What should Max’s first question to shareholders be?

Where should I buy new clothes? (62%)

1: Who buys the first of Max’s shares?

his hot friend Adam who just got famous (98%)

1: What disrupts the re-shoots of Jessica’s Supernatural porn?

some kind of IRL romantic fight amongst the cast/crew (83%)