G01M03: "Good, our first catch of the day."

Remember that scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when the rebels are fleeing Hoth and Captain Lennox says, "Good, our first catch of the day."? Here is a clip to remind you, bit today, we are the EMPIRE!

So, White moved pawn to d4 (marked in yellow).

Early chatter on the #proj-chess_lab Slack channel (sign up here) is that the best move is cxd4*

chess image

I've included a few other ideas, but they are maybe all bad. Let's talk about what we think White will do, and how we might respond in the comments.

*I'm still learning chess notation! Apparently when you indicate the move of a pawn you don't need to specify a piece (like Pcxd4), because if no piece is indicated, that means it is a pawn. Also, the use of an "x" indicates a capture (OUR FIRST CATCH OF THE DAY!).


  • 100% A. pawn takes d4 (cxd4)
  • 0% B. pawn moves to c4 (c4)
  • 0% C. Queen to a5 (Qa5)
  • 0% D. Knight to c6 (Nc6)

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  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    if we do (A. cxd4) then White is going to take the pawn with their Knight (nxd4), right? What would our response be to that? Or, I guess they could also use their Queen (Qxd4)...

  • Gene [ 458 ]

    Retaking our pawn with their knight is classic open Sicilian, should make for a more exciting game.

  • ktommyl [ 3 ]

    yup. I believe our next move by the open Sicilian book should be knight c6. could also get right into an accelerated dragon by moving pawn to g6 with the next move being bishop g7, but I think it makes sense to play knight c6 first to encourage development and create some additional tension with white's pieces in the center