G01M02: Can We Control the Center?

We opened with the Sicilian (i'm still learning openings) and White has responded with Nf3 (marked in yellow on the board).

We want to control the middle. That is what I've been told, so here are some options...

black moved Nf3

Full size image here.


  • 65% A. pawn to d6
  • 0% B. pawn to g6
  • 35% C. knight to f6 (Nf6)
  • 0% D. pawn to e6
  • 0% E. knight to c6 (Nc6)

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  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    Let's start talking strategy here... what are we trying to do? What do we they White is trying to do?

  • Gene [ 457 ]

    Who are we playing ? Are they strong? If we play option C he can bum rush us with the e pawn

  • Mike Merrill [ creator ]

    I like A because it backs up our existing pawn and also adds pressure to keep his pawn from advancing (even tho he'll be able to take our with his knight)

  • ktommyl [ 3 ]

    I'm a strong supporter of A — allows us to stop white's pawn from advancing and then potentially fianchetto the kingside bishop for a Sicilian Dragon opening